10 Reasons to Trade with IQ Options today!


An infographic from

An infographic from

Score from the experts at Killer Infographics

Visual Communication - 60%
Design - 55%
Content/Script - 60%
Usability - 70%


Final Grade

This infographic offers up 10 compelling reasons to start trading with IQ Option. The content gets straight to the point, but as a reader I might have appreciated a small introduction that provides a little context on what IQ Option is. Also, when it comes to content, the piece feels like it's trying to fit too much text in a small space, and this text seems to crowd out the visuals, making them even a bit hard to see. The visual communication within these illustrations is strong, though the color palette and design style aren't fully consistent throughout. It would have been more helpful, in the end, to give them more room to shine. Overall, we'd give this a D.

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