10 Most Dangerous Stunts of Jackass Infographic


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Just in time for the release of Jackass 3D, has released an infographic about the 10 most dangerous stunts of Jackass. Similar to our Sexy Halloween Costumes that Shouldn’t Be infographic, this is mainly a fun infographic that focuses more on opinion than hard evidence. CinemaBlend chose what they viewed as the 10 most dangerous stunts and then added their own rating chart that ranks the risk of humiliation, risk of bodily injury, and the risk of death. The infographic orders these stunts based on where/when they appeared, but it would be better if they would order them based on lease risky to most risky. If I had a choice, the riskiest act would be the Alligator Tightrope and the Off-Road Tattoo comes in at a nice second.

The infographic is definitely fun and captures some good screen shots to make things easy to take in if you only have a minute or two to look at it. I’m not sure that risk of humiliation is that necessary of a factor in this, but it’s a nice funny add on. I do which they would find a stunt that hits the top of the scale for all three risks, but we might see that in the much anticipated Jackass 3D.

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