10 Deadly Solar Powered Weapons “Infographic”


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This “infographic” about deadly solar powered weapons was submitted to us by Solar Panel Free Quotes. Here is what they have to say about it:

Despite its reputation for environmental concern and low cost living , solar power can be lethal when used for warfare and weaponry. Its about time we had some fun with solar power. You can imagine using one of these against your neighbours dog that won’t stop barking, right? Or how about the politicians who discourage the installation of solar panels? Some of the weapons are actually real, some are imagined in movie makers, some are speculative and may never have existed, and other weapons are prototypes which may end up being used in the future.

The colors, typography and graphics on this one all look great, but this is not really an infographic since there is no data visualization. I like the information that is conveyed in the text blurbs, but I think there’s a great opportunity to show the power of all of these deadly weapons quantitatively. There could even be a comparison chart simply comparing each of the ten weapons or a timeline showing the evolution of solar powered weaponry, or some stats regarding the cost and materials or the time required to construct each of them. Right now, it just takes much too long to get through the entire thing just by reading.

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