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We receive an average of 20 submissions each day. When you send a submission, it will go into our queue and be posted on a first come, first serve basis. This means it could take up to 1 month for your submission to make it onto our site. If you would prefer priority placement, we will be offering different submission packages shortly. Check back in a few hours for your options.

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Be sure to provide a description of your infographic, which will appear below the graphic in its post.  A minimum 100 words is required for your submission to be approved and cannot be a shameful sales pitch.  Instead, use this opportunity to describe the infographic, why you created it, your sources, and if you can do all that… then we guess you can throw in a sentence about why your company is the best :-).

Finally, we know that some people use infographics to link build… we will include your link and the anchor text of your choice, just make that clear in the embed code.  If you have more than one link, we will use our discretion about which one to keep because we aren’t a link farm and don’t want to produce spam, so we won’t be able to publish more than one link and will do two if it’s useful for our users.