Why You Should Visit Wales (Infographic)


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This infographic comes to us from and provides many reasons why people should visit Wales. Upon submitting this infographic, the folks over at Visit Wales had the following to say:

Overall, the infographic is a decent design that mirrors traditional infographics. I like the color scheme, how the important numbers are called out, and how the images are integrated into the entire infographic. Overall, I only have a few complaints about the infographic. The biggest issue I have is the use of font and illustration to make it look like this infographic was marked up by a pen. I like that look in some infographics, but this one only includes it in a few parts of the design, which makes me wonder if an editor actually did mark it up and they just kept it that way. Though it’s a very fun effect to use, it just doesn’t fit with the overall design. My other issue is that there are no sources cited at the bottom of this infographic. That makes me wonder whether the data is accurate. Finally, there isn’t a logo for, which is just a loss for them, as others can claim credit for this infographic.


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  • This graphic is wrong about the size of Wales. According to Google, Wales is roughly 20,758 sq.kms, Massachusetts is 27,336 sq.kms, and Vermont is 24,901 sq.kms. So Wales is smaller than both Massachusetts AND Vermont. And Massachusetts is bigger than Vermont, not smaller.

    Tara March 16, 2015 7:05 am Reply

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