Why You Should Not Ignore SEO Infographic

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This infographic comes to us from Go-Gulf.com and covers a very important topic: SEO. SEO is a pretty complex method of getting websites to rank better in search engines like Google. There have been a lot of great SEO infographics like the Google PageRank Infographic and more. This infographic does a good job of explaining to webmasters exactly why they shouldn’t ignore SEO when building websites. The infographic doesn’t explain SEO, as that’s pretty tricky to explain and everyone has their own methods of going about it. It instead explains why it’s such an important piece of online marketing to focus on as search engines continue to be the channel of choice for those seeking goods and services online.

The infographic has a very eye catching design and a lot of great facts. I have 1 small complaint about the infographic which can easily be argued as a personal preference: the background and sticky notes have nothing to do with SEO, so why use them? I love when infographics use a lot of textures and the sticky note style to separate information, but sometimes it’s only used to separate information and has nothing to do with the basic theme of the infographic. Since the sticky notes don’t tie into the topic, I’m not sure why they were chosen for this design? In my opinion, infographics should only include the elements that are necessary, and sticky notes aren’t necessary in this. Of course, it is great to look at, so again, this is my personal preference and I doubt many people would bring the same concerns to the table.

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