What is E-commerce Interchange?


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This infographic comes from (formerly known as Transparent Financial Services). FeeFighters is a site that let’s e-commerce merchants find credit card processors to work with on their own terms. Rather than scouring the Internet for a merchant services provider, merchants can go to and let processing companies try to win their customership in an auction format. It’s a pretty interesting concept and the people at FeeFighters work hard to educate their users about the in’s and out’s of credit card processing companies. Many of these companies charge a variety of hidden fees, the largest of which is called Interchange. This infographic seeks to explain the variables associated to Interchange fees. The large question mark imagery is good, but I do wish that there was a bit more explanation behind everything. For example, if someone answers “no” to a question instead of “yes,” does this effect their fees more or less? This is the one big question I come away from with this infographic, but all in all it’s a pretty good way of tackling a touch subject.

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