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This is a great infographic brought to us by Mashable, which covers the rise of text messaging in the US and worldwide. The infographic begins by showing simple demographics regarding who texts more. Not surprisingly, girls age 14-17 are the biggest culprits here, with 100 texts/day on average. Teenage boys are the second largest group of texters, with about 30 texts/day, followed by adults 18+ who only text about 10 times per day. The infographic then details the negative impacts of text messaging, like texting and driving as well as the growing trend of “sexting” among teenagers.

All in all, the infographic is very well put together and pretty funny at parts. The creator does a good job of keeping the flow going down the page while still providing important insights throughout. The little characters add a nice touch to this infographic and the funny random facts add levity to the serious aspects of the graphic. Possibly the most interesting fact, which doesn’t get enough attention, is that parents can download a system called Textecution, which disables a phone’s texting and Internet functions when traveling at over 10 MPH. This is a great way to keep teens from texting and driving, which should be a free aspect of all cell phones.

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