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banner recently submitted two infographics to us to post and review on our site. One about Twitter and one about the eReader vs. the tablet. Since both are fairly small infographics, we decided to post them both at once. Check them out, then scroll down to see our thoughts and critiques.

Here’s what iCrossing had to say about this infographic:

Is it any wonder why marketers are eager to co-brand with celebrities? As this iCrossing infographic shows, the universe belongs to Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber — we’re just living in it. President Barack Obama is doing a nice job keeping pace with them, though.

Here’s what iCrossing had to say about this infographic:

the Kindle recently announced a major drop in price, but this iCrossing infographic shows just how much catching up the Kindle needs to do. Is the Kindle dead?

Of the two infographics, my favorite by far is the tablet versus ereaders. The color scheme is nice, I love how it rests inside an iPad (though a bit cliche, it really does work). I wish that the infographic wasn’t as short as it is, but since they chose an iPad as the border, it kind of explains the size. That said, There’s a lot more data that could be shown in this infographic. This comes back to the latest debate about infographics: Should they be long and data rich, or should they be short and very focused on one major piece of data? I’m on the side of long and data rich. This is because short infographics leave me with too many questions. For instance, what’s the cost breakdown of each product shown on the infographic? What are the annual sales of each? Those are just some things that this infographic leave unanswered.

The Twitterverse infographic is less appealing. I’m not a huge fan of the color scheme or the layout. I want to be able to look at this and take things in immediately without having to read. In other words, I want pictures of the celebs that are showcased in this infographic, not just their names. I do like the scatter plot and all the data they chose to show, I’m just not too keen on the design/aesthetic. But hey, that’s just me. All in all, the data visualization is great!

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