The Worst & Best States For Drivers


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This infographic, created by, provides information about the worst and best states for drivers in the United States. The infographic is using data from a recent survey of U.S. drivers, which determined whether or not they would be able to pass a DMV licensing test if they had to take it today. Throughout the country, 10-25% of Americans would have failed, based on survey results. The infographic takes this information to create a chart of the best and worst states to drive based on their overall score, with only Oregon scoring in the 90th percentile. Overall, DC and Rhode Island are the worst states to drive, followed by Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

The infographic itself is a little hard to digest as there is quite a lot of content in the top half, making it something that many won’t scroll down to continue viewing. Infographics are meant to take complex data and make it easy to comprehend by using a variety of images to simplify things. This infographic is very wordy and doesn’t accomplish this overall goal, which is unfortunate as some of the data is very interesting.


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