The New Facebook User: Senior Citizens – A Facebook Infographic


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This is a fun infographic from All Assisted Living Homes, that shows how Facebook users are changing. Earlier this year, it was stated that seniors are among the fastest growing demographic on Facebook, and this infographic makes this point very clear. According to the infographic, 11% of Facebook users are senior citizens, which equals about 14million seniors in the US. It shows that this is a 1448% increase in seniors year over year, which is a tremendous growth. It also includes interesting data about Facebook usage for seniors as well as how often seniors log onto the social networking site.

What I like about this infographic is that it’s simple and concise. It gets its points across nicely, though I do wish that there was more data than just 8 facts. I do like how they show the oldest Facebook user, and it’s amazing that she’s 105 and still updating her profile! I wish they would have taken this a step further and spoken more about specific seniors on Facebook though. For instance, a section about Betty White would have been funny, especially when considering how Facebook has helped her career.


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