The History of the Internet


The History of the Internet infographic is an animated documentary from Munich based designer Melih Bilgil, which is just over 7 minutes in length. It considers 1857 to be when everything all started, when a remote connection had to be installed so some developers could work on a computer. They had to do this because the computers were so big that they had to be in a cooled room, where the developers could not work. It also mentions that multiple developers could share the use and processing speed of one computer, and work together but at different times. It then goes on to detail about the evolution of Internet technology with topics like intranets and file sharing.


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  • far better than any other infographic i have seen so far

    gudipudi April 4, 2011 3:14 am Reply
  • you meant to say 1957 ….

    ob April 16, 2011 8:28 am Reply

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