The Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea Infographic

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Today we have a bonus infographic from Policy Expert. Policy Expert is a UK company that helps people find the best insurance. They pride themselves on being people powered, offering customer service at every step. Since this is a bonus infographic today, I’m not going to write up a long critique. Instead, why not add some comments to tell us your thoughts.

Thanks for the great comments on this infographic from Policy Expert. Keep them coming!

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  • really nice post, i personally prefer coffee(instant) mostly.
    what i’d also like to know is what are the effects of these 2 beverages on asthma patients. my friend has asthma and says her doctor has said she shouldn’t consume coffee. i looked up the internet and i got results that said otherwise. what really is the truth what effect does tea have on the same.

  • Hmm. The vertical axes for caffeine should be the same scale for visual comparison purposes. The assumption behind the choice to vary scales between tea and coffee seems to be that intrachart comparisons are the only valuable quick visual — but that’s at odds with the point of the infographic, which is to compare and contrast coffee and tea with each other — not just disclose information about variants within each domain.

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  • The coffee portion of the yearly sales graph does not correspond to the figure quoted as 2007 yearly sales. And I agree that the scales should be the same when we’re seeing two graphs side by side.

  • You forgot to mention that coffee consumption is not recommended during pregnancy.

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  • Prevent Diabetes Type 1 ?
    Bad info when stating bad effects of caffeine just for tea (should be for both).
    Black tea was the always said to have the real benefits, and here is lightly mentioned.
    Are you promoting Coke?
    Despite the ‘casual’ trace left by a cup of coffee up left, I guess that the data expossed is not casual.

  • How can you put a big red “X” against health, for coffee, when there are health benefits and risks to both?

  • And to say there’s no caffeine in tea either. Why not lose that stupid trio of headings beneath “most caffeinated beverages”? I know “infographics” are trendy, but at least make them useful.

  • I’d also like some clarification on the caffeine graphs. The title is “Coffee: Caffeine per Cup (in mg)”, but does this really mean a cup as in the imperial measure “cup” or is this per serving? I have a very hard time believing there is so little caffeine in an entire cup (8 oz) of espresso.

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  • Since a lot of coffee and tea drinkers place some form of sweetener and creamer in their beverage I would like to know what the impacts of these additives might be . . . it would not impact the caffeine levels but it might impact the other health benefits of these two wonderful drinks.

    I agree with rasqual on the visual comparison and having a similar scaling for analysis and I did some research and came up with an ounce by ounce comparison (see: and I was delighted to find that coffee and espresso are the top rankers.

  • I’m missing the newly found effect of green tea. 2 – 3 cups of green tea per day helps in weight loss.

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  • I don’t understand the “Yearly sales” figures. There’s no way the total sales of coffee in the UK only comes to £270k! A cup from Starbucks costs between £2-3, so that only comes to about 100,000 cups, or 273 cups per day. For a country with a population of about 55 million people?! Surely this would represent the turnover of only one busy London cafe? And what about all the coffee that people buy for their own domestic use?

    Also the chart next to it doesn’t seem to show something like £150k, not £270k

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  • It would be helpful if you were to list the modifier for the sales figures. It’s rather odd to not do so.

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  • […] The Health Benefits of Coffee vs. Tea [Killer Infographics] […]

  • Okay….but why in the “health, caffeine, flavor” section is caffeine a negative in tea and not coffee?
    In “tea and coffee” facts section caffeine is a negative for tea and not coffee?
    Also Coffee is given a plus rating for caffeine, yet tea has caffeine and it is rated a negative.

    Your caffeine chart gives the visual impression that the caffeine is the same in coffee and tea, but in reality the scales of the charts are very different and tea has just a fraction of caffeine of coffee.

  • There’s just no way that those sales figures are accurate. A few hundred grand in sales for tea and coffee in the UK? Come on…

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  • I would just like to point out that on the tea and coffee facts chart. (the one on the bottom) That in the Tea section one of the negatives is that tea contains caffeine, clearly by the rest of article it is known that coffee contains a large amount of caffeine.

  • Stumbled on your website through Reddit. You know I will be subscribing to your feed.

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  • Big FAIL on the graph comparing caffeine levels. The casual observer would compare the height of the bars and deduce that tea has just as much caffeine as coffee. However, when you normalize the scales on both graphs, you can see that tea is significantly lower. You should NEVER EVER put up a graph with different scales for a visual comparison! Redo the graph to show a true comparative please…

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  • Er, TOTAL sales of tea and coffee in the UK were less than £1 million? I really don’t think that’s right. Perhaps in 1807, but not 2007. Without context those stats are meaningless, and I’ll be damned if I’m squinting to read and typing out a complex url to check your references.
    Nice presentation but the actual information is high school-level.

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  • Yeah, I was searching for the ” * £ millions” that was sure the asterisk denoted, but couldn’t see it. Those sales figures are far too low otherwise, and the figure for coffee does not seem to match up with the graph showing sales either. Not to mention the problems with the caffeine levels everyone else has already picked up on. And labelling tea as no caffeine? I’m sorry, what?

    Good idea poorly executed, I’m afraid.

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  • 1000 chemicals in roasted coffee — 19 of the 1000 are known carcinogens. I wonder how strong these 19 carcinogens are. Is this a reason to give up coffee?

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  • Fantastic looking infographic. I am so going to take this and put it on my blog for all to see. This infographic has the gist of information everyone should know about. Not too much info, not too little. Just nice :)

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  • gosh, it really is looking great. I’m a big fan of tea and am chuffed about all the fatntastic benefits of tea.
    keep up the good work while drinking good tea !!

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  • […] The Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea Infographic [Killer Infographics via How-To Geek] […]

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