The Dangers of Driving Infographic


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This infographic comes from and covers the dangers of driving, specifically in the UK. All in all, I really like this infographic. It has a clean color pallet and great design. The simplistic icons help to take everything in and the data is great. My one major complaint with this infographic is that no sources are cited. This has happened with a lot of the infographics submitted this week. The problem with this is that the infographics seem less credible when sources are not included. Another issue is that there is no logo of on the infographic, which makes it easy for another company to post it and claim credit for it. These two things need to be fixed in the future and are an oversight that could have been avoided.


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  • As matt as previously said, if you take away the graphics does the infographic still get the info across, if the answer is yer, your doing it wrong, which the above clearly does.

    Aran March 29, 2011 6:57 am Reply

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