The Changing Manhattan Streets: An Infographic About Broadway


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This infographic from the New York Times reads much like a magazine article, with it’s layout and photos. It provides a very interesting look at how Manhattan’s Broadway has changed over the years to focus more on pedestrians and bikers rather than cars and cabs. Manhattan has also added a new feature on Broadway called an Asphalt Cafe, where chairs and tables are placed on the street for people to sit, work, and visit with one another. While some feel that this solution forces people out of cars and into other (more green) forms of transportation, others feel that these changes have further packed an already condensed Manhattan street, making it even harder for commuters to get around.

This infographic also shows that there are now 30% less taxi cab pickups on Broadway than on surrounding streets. Changes like this could be a hit to the pocket books of many cab drivers, or a blessing in disguise as some fares will have to stay in the cab longer just to get around Broadway traffic. Ultimately, this infographic is really well laid out and it’s unfortunate that the New York times doesn’t do a better job of syndicating something like this. Clearly a lot of work and research went into this piece of information that sheds light on an interesting change in Manhattan.

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