The Anatomy of Web Analytics


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This infographic comes to us from, which is a company that helps businesses launch products and get connected to large brands. The infographic covers the anatomy of web analytics and acts as a simple flow chart to help simplify the ins and outs of analytics.

The infographic does a good job of speaking for itself, so I’m going to skip the explanation and go right to the critique. The issue I have with this infographic is that it is only a flow chart. It is an infographic in its simplest form, but these days infographics require more design, style, zing… those are just some words that come to mind. This infographic does not use imagery to explain data. As a flow chart, it’s great, but as an infographic its too minimal. The text is too small to read, even at the largest version available of this infographic (which you can click to see above). There’s also a weird light gray cloud in the background that seems unnecessary. All in all, there could have been many ways to explain web analytics in a way that draws the eye and makes it fun, but this wasn’t one of them.


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