Solar Panels – Energy & Impact Infographic


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Today’s infographic is about Solar Panels and how they impact the world. The company that produced this infographic is They had the following to say when submitting this infographic:

Thanks to attractive government rebates and incentives European countries are leading the charge in the production of energy via residential and commercial solar panel systems. Outside of Europe and the United States, countries such as Japan, China and India are producing the most energy from solar. Australia, however, is bathing in sunshine but doesn’t come close to the top producers … yet!

All told, it’s not a bad infographic, but it could use more data. This is often hard with infographics that rely on a map as their focal point. There is always so much data placed on the map, that it’s hard to come up with other data points to showcase throughout the rest of the infographic. That said, there’s actually not much going on with the map, so this excuse doesn’t work. The other issue is that the map doesn’t have a key. Yes, the colors correlate with the bar graph, so that acts as a key, but it requires the viewer to keep scrolling from the bar chart back to the map, which is too much work, and infographics are supposed to lessen the amount of work needed to get a lot of data fast.


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