Red vs. Blue States – an Interactive Infographic


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This infographic comes to us from and is a rare breed of infographics, as it’s an interactive infographic. The infographic shows red vs. blue states and is right in time for the mid-term elections. While it looks like a simple map at first, if you click on it, the interactive experience will start and you will be able to find a variety of information about red vs. blue states across the country. All told, the interactive experience is a Flash based map, similar to the red/blue maps that news websites show on election night.

That said, what makes this infographic different than the traditional news media election night map is the fact that you can get data for a variety of topics beyond just who is voting for who. The infographic shows crime stats, life expectancy, obesity rates, teen pregnancy, level of STD’s, Divorce rates, education information, religious stats, welfare info, household income, and more. There is a simple pie chart at the bottom of the infographic that shows the ratio of red to blue states based on each category. One thing that would be a nice addition to the infographic is a way to know right off the bat which state is the highest and which is the lowest in each category. That would save people the headache of mousing over each state just for data.

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