Pros and Cons of Prepaid Phones


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If you’re not sure if prepaid cell phone plans are right for you, then this infographic will help you to decide. Learn the unbiased pros and cons of prepaid plans, and what personal phone needs you should consider before choosing between a contract or prepaid cellular plan. Prepaid isn’t for everyone, but the benefits of life without contracts is clear to most people. Before signing on a dotted line and committing yourself to two years without contract-parole, consider all of your options.

An attractive color scheme and instantly recognizable icons make weighing the pros and cons a piece of cake. A clean, spacious layout and brief snippets of text keep this infographic from being too text-heavy. But this infographics lacks one key element that can make any infographic shine: statistics and numbers. Infographics are ideal for using snazzily illustrated charts and graphs to get your point across. We’d like to know what percentage of people use prepaid phones, or how many switch over to prepaid once their contracts expire.


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