Prescriptions Most Marketed to Doctors Infographic

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This infographic comes to us from Appature, a Seattle based company that provides a cloud based healthcare marketing tool. Upon submission of this infographic, the folks at Appature had the following to say:

Appature Inc, a Seattle-based software company that makes marketing tools for the healthcare industry, just launched its first infographic about Prescriptions Most Marketed to Doctors in the healthcare industry! Our infographic breaks down the ins and outs of which prescriptions are most marketed to doctors, to which prescriptions have the greatest sales ($5.3 Billion!) and even patient sentiments regarding a doctor’s prescribing habits. By reading this infographic, we hope that readers will get a little peek inside the intricate inner-workings of the infamous pharmaceutical industry! As TIME magazine highlights, “…the pharmaceutical industry is – and has been for years – the most profitable of all businesses in the U .S.”

I can’t really offer up critiques for this infographic because that would be a conflict of interest, as this infographic was designed by our team of designers here at Killer Infographics. So instead I ask that you critique us please. Comment below and let us know what you think.

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