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This is a fun infographic from that shows a variety of low budget horror films and just how much money they actually brought in. The infographic shows that the Blair Witch Project earned the largest gross when compared to how much it cost to make. With only a $35,000 budget, the Blair Witch Project managed to pull in $248,300,000 because of its unique advertising campaign that has now been copied many times over. One fact that surprised me was that the first Saw cost $1.2 million to make, because I recall hearing a wide-spread rumor that it only cost $40,000 to make. As such, I was expecting it to be second on the list. It’s also funny that Saw only brought in $103,000,000 when it first came out, yet it has been made into a 7 part franchise.

While I’m not a fan of Saw, I did immediately notice that there were some facts wrong on this infographic with regards to this movie, which could have easily been fixed by a simple search on IMDB. To begin with, Saw came out in 2004, not 2003. Second, Saw has had 6 movies with the 6th being released in Japan and straight to DVD in the states. The 7th and final Saw is coming out this month in 3D and it’s a huge surprise to me that they’ve made it this far, but there’s a big audience now for torture porn. That said, it also makes me wonder whether Saw should actually live under the category of “Horror film” as many film critics have put Saw and movies like it (think Hostile) into their own group: Torture Porn.

Regardless of these discrepancies, the infographic is pretty fun for any Horror fan and a good way to kick off the Halloween season. The grainy quality of the background, the color choices, and the thin lines all scream low budget horror film, making an infographic with a bunch of bar graphs easy to take in and memorable.


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