iPhone Mobile Shopping Apps in November 2010

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This is one of the latest infographics created by Mobclix.com, which is an analytics company that lets iPhone app developers track the usage, traffic, purchases, and more related to their apps. The infographic, takes an aggregated number of shopping app impressions from November, which was an incredibly busy time for shopping both online and offline. While there are many great numbers out there related to just how well holiday sales were online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there’s not a lot of data that points to the performance of mobile commerce. Luckly, Mobclix put out this infographic to help fill in the gaps and show just how important mobile commerce is becoming in our smart phone world.

The infographic shows that impressions on iPhone shopping apps grew by 249% in November 2010 when compared to November 2009. It would have been nice to see exactly what that number of impressions equaled, but maybe that will be on another infographic. The infographic then goes into details about what states had the most impressions, what days (like Black Friday), what types of apps were used, and more.

Ultimately, the infographic has some great numbers, but it lacks an introduction and conclusion. At minimum, the infographic needs a title, which could act as its introduction rather than writing one in. Right now, the infographic has a lot of great numbers, but without any conclusive statement about the numbers, it’s not as eye-opening as it could be.

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