Infographic: What is the UK’s Perfect Pad?

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This infographic was submitted to us by Swiftcover, providers of Swiftcover home insurance. They provided this description:

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This has a lot of great information on what UK residents consider must-haves for the coolest possible house. Everything is covered, from pools to location to the style and size of house. The data is well-documented and it paints a great picture of domestic desires.

The iconography style is distinctive, clear and simple, so the graphic is easy to move through and you almost don’t need to read the subheadings to know what most of the answers are referring to. However, I’d like to see more emphasis on data visualization. It looks like an attempt was made in the first section to show that the circle containing “43%” is bigger than that containing “30%”, but the trend doesn’t seem to be continued in the Type section. Making a very clear differentiation in size, proportional to each percent, would really help the viewer. It seems to be best illustrated in “We expect to have our dream house at”.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B-, because it stays light on text and is all data, but the data visualization aspect doesn’t seem fully realized.

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