Infographic: The Tastes of Mainland South-East Asia

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This infographic was submitted to us by My Adventure Store, who also provided this description:

Forget your boring one meat and three veg dinner and jump at the opportunity of a magnificent trip to South East Asia. Devour Amok Fish is Cambodia, Eat Laap with your fingers in Laos and slurp on a bowl of Vietnamese Pho in Vietnam. Get your cutlery ready as here’s a spoonful and a half of five of the most vibrant tastes that South East Asia can give you:

This is a delicious look at the cuisine you might find when visiting these great countries! It’s nice that each section has a map with the country highlighted so you can see exactly what part of the region it’s from. The photos, of course, are a great accompaniment to the descriptions — they really add to the mouthwatering aspect of the infographic!

The design is extremely text-heavy for an infographic, though. Infographics should lean on visuals to tell the story — if you need full paragraphs, it isn’t truly an infographic. A great idea for this would be to create icons for every ingredient described (a fish, a hardboiled egg, a lime, etc.), eliminating the need for full text descriptions.

Additionally, “South East” in the body of the infographic design should be either “South-East” (as it is in the title) or “Southeast”

In all I’d give this infographic a C- because it relies almost entirely on text — up the visual quotient and you’d have yourself a tasty and concise infographic!

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