Infographic: The Amateur Professional: A Beginner’s Guide to Great Photography

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This infographic was submitted to us by Focus Camera.

For those starting at the beginning, this could be a good way to get a sense of what’s important. From equipment to image composition and editing, this provides a good basic rundown to get started in photography.

The design makes good use of descriptive imagery for every point made. However, I think there are several places where the text could be cut so that the images could speak for themselves more. For example, in the Rule of Thirds section, all that needs to be said is “Imagine a 9-square grid placed over your image; rather than centering, align the subject of your photo to any corner of the middle square.” That saves quite a few words, saving your viewer quite a bit of time.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. Good use of imagery, but reducing the text even further would increase the efficacy of the images.

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