Infographic: Happy (Belated) Birthday, Twitter!



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This infographic comes to us from our friends at Viral MS. The infographic is pretty good, but there are definitely some spaces where the data visualization could be improved, which is why I am going to give it a C – infographic designs should always be data-driven. The data in the “global market” pie chart would be more interesting if it were presented with a world map. The “Tweet Contents” information could also be pretty entertaining if it featured examples of each type of tweet – using screen caps of Viral MS’s tweets in the infographic could have been a pretty cool branding opportunity!

The other section that I think could be improved is the “Most Active Twitter Moments” section. The speedometer image is a cool idea, but I would like to see the numbers compared visually – perhaps with a creative bar chart incorporating the twitter birds somehow. This way, the designer could still incorporate the distance/speed (the idea being that some of the birds could travel faster than others – are Twitter birds powered by tweets?)

The “Twitter Revolutions” section has a lot of great info, but it would be nice to see some explanations of each of these revolutions to give the reader a bit more context.

Overall, this infographic works. The design is good and works in Twitter’s style and aesthetic very well, and serves as a great overview of important points reminding us why we love Twitter so much. To take it to the next level would require some more work on the data vis itself.

What do you think about this infographic? How does it compare to the other Twitter infographics out there?

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