Infographic: Facebook Holiday Contest Ideas


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The Holidays are fast approaching as well as the end of 2013. If you’re looking for some last minute ideas to boost your social following on Facebook, then this handy infographic is for you. The team at ShortStack has been kind enough to share with us a host of fun holiday themed contests you can run on your Facebook page. Broken down into four sections, ShortStack conveniently lays out each contest by the type of audience engagement you want and how long it takes to set up. With the longest set up taking less than an hour and as little as 30 seconds, the excuse of not having enough time flies right out the window.

Tis the season to rake in followers as data has shown that brands who use Facebook Page apps during the month of December see a 66% increase in contest submissions and over 30% in app shares. So get out there and start building that following.


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