Infographic Explaining the History of E-Commerce


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Detailed infographic from ZippyCart that makes it easy to understand the short, but important history of e-commerce. The infographic starts at 1979, when Michael Aldrich developed a predecessor to online shopping that we know and love today. It also shows Jane Snowball, who in 1984 became the first online home shopper. Things really started to heat up in 1990, when Tim Berners Lee created the first web browser, and was credited with inventing the World Wide Web. Things soon progressed and the dot com boom began, but then became the dot com bust in 1999 when the stock market hit a hiccup, and people stopped hazardously investing in companies that had no real business model. Today we have the trends of social commerce and mobile commerce leading the way, and we can only wait to see what the next big trend in e-commerce will be.


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