Infographic: Crime Rates – Headlines vs. Reality

  • This infographic was submitted to us by Infobia. It’s a fascinating look at how the media reports on crimes differently than the police do. It’s interesting that the media in some cities doesn’t report at all on certain crimes, and that sometimes they report on things that don’t seem to happy in the city! Atlanta police report 0% rapes according to the graphic, but the media reports 27.3% of the time.

    There’s a lot of data viz in here–although I’d like to see the designer work with some more unique expressions of data viz than just the bar graphs and scale used in the top section. It’d also be great to see that final banner as a visualization–just 0.5% of us will ever be victims of violent crime? That’s worthy of some data viz to really show just how unlikely it is.

    Overall this graphic has clean design, clear visualizations and sticks to the point. It reveals the large discrepancies between crime rates and reporting rates in some major cities, avoiding too much text and staying organized. The color palette keeps a serious feel without getting monotone or over-the-top, and the typography works well together, not distracting the viewer. The illustrations are pretty cute, too! I’d rate this infographic an A–just a bit more data viz experimentation could make it outstanding.

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