Infographic: Choose Your Own Savings Adventure

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This infographic was submitted to us by, who provided this description:

“The current share market turmoil and global financial uncertainty have turned the
spotlight back onto cash investments. So has put together a ‘Choose Your
Own Savings Adventure’ infographic to help people find the best home for their savings
based on their particular needs and circumstances.

Finding the best place to stash your cash is becoming more difficult than ever, so we
created this infographic as a fun way to help savers through the maze.

The data in this infographic was sourced from Mozo’s independent database of the high
interest savings accounts and term deposits on offer from over 100 banks, credit unions
and building societies in Australia.”

This is a smart concept for helping people make good financial decisions. The suggestions are very specific, and a “choose your own adventure” is always fun, regardless of the topic. I also love the piratey tag line. It’s also nice that the yeses and nos are color-coordinated, so it’s extremely easy to follow their paths.

Though this is a very nice and handy graphic, it isn’t an infographic. The info isn’t visualized, and there isn’t really much opportunity for it to be. The interest rates could be turned into pie charts, I suppose, but generally it won’t work. One option would be to make graphs comparing what would happen to $5,000 after 5 years, or something like that, to show what the best overall values are. But as it is laid out currently, it’s mostly just text and dotted lines.

Because of that, although it is informative, this graphic would get a C- on the scale of infographics. Without data viz, it’s difficult to get scores any higher.

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