Infographic: 5 Types of Extreme Hoarders

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Fort Knox Storage brought us this infographic, and also provided a description:

This infographic shows some of the most kooky categories of clutter collectors. Most people have a few items (or more) that are simply collecting dust, but for some reason never make it to the op shop bin or rubbish tip during the spring clean. Sometimes it is sentimental attachment that keeps us from parting with our stuff. However, in some cases it is a far more complex and fascinating phenomenon. Are we too attached to objects? Why were audiences enthralled through 6 seasons of Hoarders? What would living with 77 cats smell like? Do you compare to any of these extreme hoarding types?

I like the chaos of the header and the very distinct (funnily enough, CLEAN) breaks between sections. The illustrations are fun and definitely help to further explain each type of hoarder.

I’d like to see the images working a bit harder to support the text though, as there are some fun statistics for each hoarder that could be shown off with data visualization.

Also be careful to proofread your designs — “TheKnowledge Hoarder” should be “The Knowledge Hoarder.”

In all I’d give this infographic a B- as it could benefit from a bit less text and a bit of data visualization to decrease the reliance on that text!

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