How to Tell If Your Website Sucks (Infographic)


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This comes to us from Ecreative Internet Marketing. Here’s what they had to say about it:

[This infographic is] a breakdown of some of the top elements on your website that can cause your site to lose visitors, split into the categories of design, usability, and SEO. This list is by no means complete, but includes most of the more serious offenses that tend to frustrate users (or the the case of SEO, cause them never to find you in the first place). Elements for the infographic were taken from the Neilson usability studies, as well as the SEO community. This infographic specifically targets items that you can identify just by looking at a website — things happening off the site or behind the scenes are not included. Many of the things that make your website suck seem obvious to most internet users, yet serious companies continue request some of the most offensive of these features every day.

This infographic covers a lot of useful information, but does not include any data visualization. The purpose of an infographic should be clear even if all the text is removed, which is certainly not the case here. Although the text is pared down enough so that it reads fairly quickly, there should still be some data visualized. It would be good to see more statistics regarding site visitation and maybe web poll results on site design and usability. What causes users to leave or stay on a page? Which websites are the best or worst in terms of design or usability?


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