How Dangerous is a Zombie Infographic


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This infographic, from Yahoo Movies, is a fun way to look at the differences between movie zombies, and which ones are most dangerous. They use a simple X-Y axis graph to show the range of popular movie zombies, with the Y axis being Smart and Dumb, and the X axis being Slow and Fast. Some of the slowest and dumbest zombies on the infographic are those from Shaun of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead (1968). On the flip side of things you have the very fast and smart zombies which are most dangerous. This includes zombies from Dead Snow, 28 Days Later, and The Return of the Living Dead. These would be the zombies you want to avoid at all costs, as they will be most difficult for you to kill.

Zombies are continuing to pop up in movies each year, and it is likely that they can only become more dangerous. That said, this is a very funny infographic, but the zombies that I would most want to see on it, would be those from the Michael Jackson Thriller music video.


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