History of Playstation Infographic

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History of Playstation Infographic
Infographic Brought to you By Sony Playstation

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It may be hard to believe, but 2010 marks the 15 year anniversary for the popular Sony PlayStation video game system. This infographic, created by Column Five Media for Sony PlayStation, shows us that 9/9/1995 was the date that the first model debuted in the United States. Not much happened for the gaming system over the next five years, until 2000 when they updated the design of the PlayStation. Then just a month later they premiered the PlayStation 2, which was a major improvement over the first generation. 2005 marked the first year that the PSP (aka PlayStation Portable) was released to consumers, and became a big hit with gamers. Things really started to heat up the next year in 2006, when Sony released the PlayStation 3, which is the same model that we still use today, however they did make a major upgrade by slimming down the unit in 2009.

Overall the infographic does a great job of illustrating the 15 year history of the Sony PlayStation. A suggestion for improvement would be to make the font size a bit larger, and make the text shorter and more to the point. It would also be good to take the white background away from images and let the images sit in the infographic as part of the graphic rather than a photo on top. Regardless, this does a good job of showing how far PlayStation has come over the years and how it will continue to evolve towards the new PlayStation Move.

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  • hey man nice infographic but there’s a typing error under the psp go.. you wrote 16BG instead of 16GB

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