Farmville Versus Real Farms Infographic

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Farmville Versus Real Farms Infographic

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Farmville has slowly become one of the most popular social games online, but it is also one of the biggest time wasters, as people spend countless hours watering and harvesting their virtual crops. Real farmers are a vital part of the world economy, as they supply us all with the food we need to survive. A new infographic created by @ShaneSnow for Mashable, takes a look into the numbers behind Farmville versus Real Farms. The first thing that the infographic illustrates is the difference in the average real farmer compared to a Farmville player. The average real farmer is a 57 year old man, and the average Farmville player is a 43 year old woman. In terms of average salary, the real farmer makes about $35,000 per year, and the Farmville characters make about $50,000. Keep in mind that Farmville players themselves are not actually making any money from the game.

The infographic goes on to illustrate the top crops with real farmers and those Farmville players, and indicates overlap with the wheat, rice, and soybean crops. There are also a number of other interesting statistics on the infographic that detail the differences between Farmville versus Real Farms:

  • There are 60million Farmville players in the world and only 2million actual farmers
  • Approximately 70million hours per week are spent playing Farmville
  • Agriculture makes up 5% of the gross world product while the creator of Farmville took in 200% more profit than Facebook in 2009

Overall Shane Snow does a great job as usual with this infographic about Farmville versus Real Farms. Some of the data does make other questions arise though. For instance, if agriculture makes up 5% of the GDP, what percentage of the GDP does Facebook or social gaming account for? This would be interesting to note as this infographic is meant to compare the two separate entities.

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