Crime in England and Wales (an Infographic of key figures)


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Simply copy the code below and paste it into the HTML of your blog, website, or Static FBML box on Facebook brings us yet another infographic filled with loads of data. This infographic, entitled Crime in England and Wales, shows an amazing decline in crime in Britain, with levels being their lowest since 1981. Some examples of crime being down include firearm incidents (down 3%), knife/sharp object incidents (down 7%), and homicides (down 6%). Despite this decline, 66% of people in the nation think that crime is actually increasing.

The infographic then goes into detail about the amount of crimes that police are solving year over year, with 2010 having a higher rate of unsolved crimes when compared to other years. Next, the infographic shows a variety of crimes and how they have decreased year over year. These include criminal damage, fraud, robbery, drug offenses, and more. Unfortunately, though, the only crime that has dramatically increased is sexual offenses. Finally, the infographic takes one step further and compares crime rates in the UK to crime rates in other countries. This is a great final aspect to the infographic, as it really helps to put things in perspective and is something more people should do as infographics continue to evolve.

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