Browser Wars: The Timeline


See how browser market has been changing over time since 1994.
Infographic by

See how browser market has been changing over time since 1994. Infographic by Source:

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This piece—more of a chart than an infographic—visualizes internet browser usage from 1994 to the present. The chart itself has clearly labeled axes, and each browser is given a distinct color. All of these details help the chart communicate clearly in displaying its information. However, the information itself has reason to question. The source list (an important detail to boost credibility) includes two sources, one of which is Wikipedia. While Wikipedia can be useful for background information, it's isn't always reliable for hard data. As there is no distinction made in the infographic as to where the specific information comes from, this detail lowers the entire piece's credibility. Furthermore, in terms of the infographic in general, the type treatments call into question the purpose of the piece. Specifically, the title "Browser Wars" features a type treatment reminiscent of Star Wars. As there is no further development of this relationship throughout the piece, the intention there isn't clear for a reader. There's some interesting chart work being done here, but the piece overall needs some more work to take on the impact of an infographic. We'd give this an F.

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