Boston Red Sox Fenway Park by Color Infographic


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Almost all baseball enthusiasts in New England are fans of the Boston Red Sox and the famous Fenway Park baseball stadium. This infographic is a fun way to look at facts about the Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park. If you watch baseball, then you know what the Green Monster is, but you might not know many facts about it. The Green Monster is the tallest wall in any Major League Baseball stadium, at 37 feet tall. This wall stands about 310 feet from home plate, and is a popular target for right-handed hitters. Tour guides at Fenway Park say that the green color on the wall is patented, and no one else can order it. One of the other cool facts on the infographic is about the one red seat in Fenway park, which marks the longest home run in the park’s history, which was 502 feet, and hit by Ted Williams in 1946.

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