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No matter which way you slice it, bed bugs are skeezy. That’s right, skeezy. And this infographic from, LiveScience, does a great job of pointing out just how unwanted these pesky critters are. Warning for the squeamish, if you aren’t too fond of bugs, then look away from the above infographic now.

The infographic begins by showing an all too close view of the bed bug and includes an “actual size” view as well. This will come in handy for anyone who thinks they might have a pest like this hiding in their bed. The infographic then continues by showing how the bedbug feeds and even states that bedbugs increase in length by 50% after feeding and 200% in weight. One of the more disturbing parts of this infographic is the explanation of bedbug mating habits, which uses the phrase “traumatic insemination” to describe the process.

Overall, this is definitely an interesting infographic, though it would have been interesting to see information about how to identify bedbugs in the home, how bedbugs spread, how many homes on average have budbugs, and most importantly, how to get rid of them.


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