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This “infographic” was submitted to us by the folks over at Stand Out All of the illustrations are great, and the color palette is nice, but there is only one section with any real data visualization (the section on donkey vs. plane crash fatalities). Unfortunately, I have to give this “infographic” a D+. It could be much better – all of the icons are jumbled together, but it would be nice to have them more organized so that we can get exact numbers.

There is no real flow to the infographic, nor does it tell a story or offer a cohesive message. The design is great and the designer is obviously talented. I understand the appeal of covering several random facts (the internet is full of blog posts containing lists of random, unconnected facts), but the content of an infographic should all connect in some way. One possible solution would be to have a series of infographics on “random” facts, but have each infographic have a theme, such as “Awesome Facts about Soda” or “Awesome Facts about Goats.” Using this method and focusing on visualizing actual data would really make a difference, especially since we already know the designer can illustrate very well.

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