An Infographic Comparing UPS to FedEx


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This infographic comes to us from and covers the differences between FedEx and UPS. The ultimate goal of the infographic is for the user to determine who is best at shipping their stuff. Unfortunately, with the way the infographic is laid out, it’s kind of hard to come to any definitive conclusion. I think the answer is FedEx, but if I look closely at the infographic, there are certain areas where UPS is clearly better.

Overall the layout, look, and feel of the infographic seems a little unfinished. The elements don’t flow well into each other, instead they seem a little overwhelming and cluttered. The color scheme is not the most appealing and the bar charts at the bottom seem underwhelming. The icons being used are a little dull, with just a shadow effect added to make them seem unique, but all in all the infographic looks like it’s just a bunch of clip art scattered on a page. The other weird factor is the separator down the middle. The bows or scissors seem unnecessary and at points there’s more than others, which is also kind of weird. This infographic isn’t awful, it just seems like more work and time could be put into it.

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