An Infographic About Bed Bugs


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This infographic about bedbugs was submitted to us by the good people at It is hard for me to critique this infographic completely since I do not read or speak French, but even still, I gave this infographic an A-.

I can say that there is quite a large amount of text on this infographic, but a good amount of data visualization as well. I really like the line graph under the “New York” heading, but I think it should be a little wider and take up more space. The bar graph at the very bottom doesn’t seem to have any numerical data to accompany it, which it should. The section showing the different sizes of bed bugs should also be labeled, which it doesn’t seem to be. Another thing about this infographic is that the full-sized version is incredibly wide, it should be made a bit smaller so that the reader doesn’t have to scroll horizontally in order to view the entire infographic.

It’s tough to make sense of the content of this infographic without understanding French. The overall design is good, though. If you can read French and have feedback on this infographic, let us know what you think!


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