A Valentine’s Day Infographic


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Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re having an unhappy Valentine’s day, I suggest inviting all of your single friends over for an anti-Valentine’s day party. If you’re filled with a lot of love this Valentine’s day, I suggest taking a moment to peruse the Internet for romantic plans for the evening. And regardless of the mood you’re in today, I suggest taking a moment to review the infographic above from the folks at Upon submitting this infographic to us, they said the following: “happy valentine 2011, we would like to be loved for the graphic.”

In spirit of their request, let’s talk mainly about the good aspects of this infographic. The design is fun, easy to take in, and the color scheme is perfect for the holiday. The facts are interesting and the pie charts add a nice bit of data visualization to this, which is necessary for creating a true infographic. I do think there are parts of the infographic where grammar could be improved and really wish there were sources at the bottom of the infographic to validate all the points. Other than that, it’s a decent infographic.


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