Turkey Hunting Infographic


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This infographic on turkey hunting comes to us from the folks at Foremost This infographic is unique and has quite a bit of data visualization, but it seems a bit all over the place. The prominent section of the infographic is supposed to be on arrow shot placement, which is the part of the infographic that really doesn’t count as data. The rest of the data is fairly text-heavy and emphasized by images when it could easily be visualized graphically. There are also quite a bit of random fact call-outs that do not seem to fit in except that they are turkey-related. Looking at this infographic, I really have to try and figure out what the take-away message is supposed to be – infographics should be straightforward and clear.

This infographic does do a pretty good job of incorporating real images rather than just illustrations – I think that the background really adds a lot to that. With some more concrete data visualization most of the images could still be used which would actually make for a really interesting infographic. Paring down the text, visualizing the data and emphasizing it more prominently would be the first (major) steps in significantly improving this infographic.


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