7 Profitable business ideas that require a little investment


This Infographic was powered by: Autoefectivo

This Infographic was powered by: Autoefectivo

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Visual Communication - 75%
Design - 80%
Content/Script - 65%
Usability - 80%


Final Grade

This infographic provides a list of business ideas for entrepreneurs. With a clear design, consistent illustration style, and effective use of pairing visuals with text, the infographic sets up the reader with a clear visual approach to conveying this information. By pairing an icon with each business idea, the general idea is captured succinctly for the reader, exemplifying an effective approach to the material at hand. The content itself is short and sweet, which is a useful infographic practice. With a typo or two, it could do with an extra proofread. The title implies that each of the following ideas would require minimal investment. However, many of the ideas listed would require external knowledge, interest, or certification, so the intended audience might need to be further defined. Additionally, as the ideas presented here are defined as being profitable, some data on the profitability of similar businesses (along with some sources!) might help boost the infographic's credibility for and impact on its audience. Overall, as a visual piece, there's a strong start—we'd give this a C.

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