60 Years of Traffic Safety in the U.S.


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This infographic was submitted by the O’Sullivan Law Firm and covers 60 years of traffic safety in the US. Upon submitting the infographic, the company had this to say about it:

This infographic shows the decrease in traffic fatalities over the last 60 years. It cleverly overlays the data from the 2009 NHTSA report with related milestones from the last sixty years. These include safety improvement, laws, political initiatives and regulation of the auto industry. While there has been no study about why fatal accidents have gone down, this infographic suggests (and suggests) that there is a direct correlation between the regulation of things like seat belts, BAC limits and airbags. All of these factors have certainly helped push highway fatalities to a 60 year low. The infographic also includes a portrayal of the sharp decrease just from 2009 to 2009 on an number of important and relevant data from the accident report.

Overall the infographic is well designed with some very good data points. The only big change I would suggest is for the O’Sullivan Law Firm to take more credit for their work. Even when the infographic is blown up to full size, it still is hard to see the copyright information. Infographics are a great brand building tool and there’s no shame in putting your company logo on something you’ve created… especially since someone else might want to claim credit for your work if you don’t.


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