5 Ways to Kill Using an iPhone “Infographic”


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This was submitted to us as an infographic and comes from, an augmented reality game for the iPhone. The illustrations look great, but there is absolutely NO data visualization. Unfortunately, this is not an infographic, it is a comic strip. We’re provided with a couple of interesting statistics here that could be represented easily with graphs or pie charts. If we want to consider it an infographic, it would be better to juxtapose all 5 killing methods in one comparison chart, represent each with one figure or icon, compare the pros and cons of each, provide some sort of visual representation of the statistics that go along with each killing method and then draw a conclusion about which method is best. This would actually work a lot better than the way the information is laid out in the comic strip: going through and declaring each killing method ineffective before introducing a new one effectively makes the inclusion of statistics in the comic unnecessary. That said, I do think that the colors of the comic look great, and the illustrations are appealing.


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