16 Things You Didn’t Know About the NFL

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16 things you didn't know about the nfl

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This is a fun infographic that covers 16 facts you probably didn’t know about the NFL. The facts range from random to very detailed, with lots of money associated to some seemingly small aspects of the game of football. One interesting fact is that a full football game has an average of 11 minutes with players actually playing and 67 minutes of them standing around. Other fun facts from this infographic include:

  • A football is not made out of pigskin. It’s made from cowhide
  • The Yellow line that appears in a broadcast game costs $5.1million per year
  • Antacid sales increase by 20% the Monday following the Super Bowl

All in all, these facts are definitely fun and interesting, creating a great way to kick off this year’s NFL season. The overall design is OK, though the hard angles for some of the added clip art can be a little distracting since they seem oddly placed. Regardless, any football fan will find some interesting information to share at their next tailgating event by checking out this infographic.

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